Why Go Paintless with Dent and Ding Surgeon?

  1. Repair Quality
    PDR by Dent & Ding Surgeon does not conceal or mask the auto damage with body filler and paint. The dent is removed permanently, providing a repair that is the closest thing to the damage never occurring in the first place.
  2. Same Day Service
    Most repairs can be completed in 1-2 hours not days or even weeks tied up in a body shop (hail repair 7-10 days). In the time it takes for a quick lunch, go shopping or play 9 holes of golf, we will have your car “dent free”.
  3. Cost Savings
    In general, PDR will cost 2-5 times less than paint and body work. PDR is insurance approved. However, the majority of repairs can be fixed affordably for a fraction of your insurance deductible involving no claim or future increase in premiums.
  4. Value Protection
    PDR by Dent & Ding Surgeon provides you the most cost effective option for dent repair today. Your vehicle retains its durable factory or custom finish and a much higher value than one receiving paint and body work.
  5. Service and Trust You Can Depend on
    We offer free estimates and your “100% satisfaction” is our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results – there is no charge! All repairs come with a written lifetime warranty! PDR is utilized and trusted by auto manufacturers, car dealerships, rental car agencies, insurance companies and consumers worldwide.
  6. “Naturally” Restores Original Appearance
    PDR is the only form of dent repair that retains your vehicle’s original or custom paint finish and involves no fillers (body putty), sanding, risk of incorrect color matching, blending, texture variance or over spray to other body panels. No use of dangerous chemicals or pollution causing methods are utilized representing a total environmentally safe form of repair.

Now you no longer have to live with those eye popping dents and dings! “Removing the dent and leaving the paint” could never be easier or more affordable. Take pride once again in what you drive and rejuvenate your ride! Let us show you how. We look forward to serving you!

Before PDR

After PDR

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