The following brief video will demonstrate how to receive your Free Quick Quote.

Your text pictures reach us immediately so we can get back to you many times the same day with the quote you need. We will provide you with a GENERAL* quote based on the photos provided – however all quotes must be verified in person and are subject to change. Some photos we receive do not capture the actual size and depth of damage making it difficult to estimate the actual repair cost.

If you are not sure how to complete the process, just click on the email link below and provide us your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

When taking photos of the damaged area follow these guidelines whenever possible:

  1. Standing 3 to 4 feet away, take at least 3 pictures from different angels (straight on, left and right).
  2. If possible, include a picture with a tape measure, ruler, or common object (coin, sticky note, or tape directly below the dent) in order to more accurately determine the dent size.
  3. Please include vehicle make, model, and year along with your contact information.
  4. Please check if the damaged panel is constructed of aluminum or steel. Use a magnet to determine this (there is an additional charge for repairs made on aluminum panels).
  5. If known, a brief explanation of how the damage occurred.

* We reserve the right to adjust any quote that is delivered via picture text quick quote or email. Removal and Installation charges may also apply which will be determined upon physical inspection. Dent & Ding Surgeon is committed to keep actual repair cost as close as possible to the initial quote.

If you do not have a camera phone but do own a digital camera, you can submit your photos and information via e-mail to