What is PDR? How is PDR performed?

(Paintless Dent Repair) or more commonly referred to as “paintless dent removal” is a highly skilled and innovative process that repairs auto dents, dings, hail damage, and crease dents without harming or disturbing a vehicle’s paint finish. Utilizing PDR avoids the costly and time consuming need for traditional auto body shop repairs. Our methodology of techniques, skills, pin-point precision and experience return sheet metal or aluminum surfaces back to original pre-damaged position through the use of highly specialized tools and reflective lighting.

Specially fabricated tools (close to surgical precision) are designed to safely access the dent from behind the damaged panel and apply pressure to push while meticulously massaging, manipulating, and reforming the metal back to its pre-damaged position. PDR uses the metals’ “natural memory” to regain its original position and shape. The damaged area is permanently removed restoring the body panel to its original condition and appearance.

At Dent & Ding Surgeon, our experienced and highly trained dent surgeons remove the damage to your vehicle without disturbing the original painted finish. PDR does not conceal the damage to your vehicle, rather permanently removes it from the underside of the dented panel without the use of body fillers (body putty), sanding, or repainting your car. Your vehicle can be damaged by inexperienced work being done on it and this may void the manufacturers paint and finish warranty. Our skilled technicians are expertly trained and insured with all work warranted for as long as you own your vehicle. Your complete 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

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