Paintless Hail Damage Repair

Hail is a frequent cause of severe auto body damage across the United States resulting in billions paid out in insurance claims each and every year. This amount does not take into account the loss in monetary value to vehicles left unrepaired by these devastating storms. Latest estimates are between 50% to 70% of auto hail damage claims are not repaired. What may be even more surprising is the number of vehicle owners who make no claim at all for hail damage done to their vehicles but do maintain comprehensive coverage. Today, the vast majority of auto hail damage that is repaired is accomplished by means of Paintless Dent Removal. PDR is an innovative process that virtually erases hail dents from sheet metal surfaces without harming a vehicle’s painted finish and is the preferred method of hail repair by the auto insurance industry. PDR is the least expensive and time consuming form of hail repair and is the only method that maintains a vehicle’s original manufactured panels, paint finish and paint warranty, therefore avoiding further vehicle devaluation.

Hail Damage Before PDR

Hail Damage After PDR

When considering repairing your hail damaged vehicle, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Hail is an act of nature. It falls under your “comprehensive” insurance coverage and filing a claim will not increase your insurance rates.
  2. As the policy holder you have the right and choice to have any body shop or PDR business repair the damage. Your insurance company cannot choose the repair facility for you!
  3. PDR is the preferred repair process for auto hail damage by nearly all insurance companies unless the damage is too severe to be repaired by this method.
  4. All hail damage repairs are 100% guaranteed by Dent & Ding Surgeon and warranted for as long as you own your vehicle. We will work with your insurance company to complete all repairs quickly and professionally (7-10 days in most cases).
  5. The method you choose to repair the damage can significantly impact the value of your vehicle.
  6. Nothing reduces the value of a vehicle more than repainting the factory finish. (see question 21 in FAQ for more info)

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