Multiple Dent Discount

Dent & Ding Surgeon is proud to offer our customers a multiple dent discount for panels that may have more than one dented area. We estimate the largest dent on the panel first and will remove any additional dents (on the same panel) you want at over 50% off based on the size of the respective dents.

We also offer whole car discounts which are estimated on site only. Both of these discounts can save you hundreds of dollars and return your car to DENT FREE condition.

Bring us this money saving coupon today to save even more on your repair needs!

Dent & Ding Surgeon recognizes the vital importance of our repeat customers and their referrals to our service. We therefore offer the following discounts to back our commitment to you and prove our appreciation for your business and the business you refer to us:


  • 15% repeat customer discount on repairs of $100 or more
  • 15% referral discount
  • 15% network discount to local businesses who consistently refer to us

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